How to Prepare a Homemade New Baby Gift Basket

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So you’ve heard the good news: your best friend has just given birth. Wondering if there’s anything you can do to show how happy you are with the arrival of the new baby? Why don’t you send the parents a new baby gift basket that contains all the important baby stuff? For sure, the recipient will appreciate your well-thought and personalized present.

Christmas hamper ideas for newborns

Plenty of ideas are available for a new baby gift basket, ranging from the simple, low-priced packages to the elaborate and expensive ones. They come in various themes that are based on colors (pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys) and popular characters on kiddie cartoons and TV shows. These gift baskets are filled with goodies for the newborn as well as the mother.

There are three types of gift baskets: those that are ready to purchase, customized in-store, and made at home. Got no time to create your own gift basket? You may opt to buy a pre-made basket. But if you prefer a gift basket that you can customize yourself, you may order from an online shop that allows you to choose the items you want to include in the basket. Lastly, a homemade gift basket is ideal for those who have the time and skills to make one.

Steps to create a baby gift basket

Creating your own baby gift basket is as fun and exciting as shopping for gift baskets. It may be quite more challenging, but it preparing the baby gift items on your own can be a very rewarding experience.

The first thing you have to do when preparing a baby gift basket is to look for a suitable basket or container that will hold the gift items. Apart from the traditional baskets, the other container options you may consider include a baby bath tub, diaper pail bucket, or a little wicker cradle. These container choices are in fact more creative than the usual baskets used for baby gift baskets.

Now, for the most enjoyable part—picking the baby items to include in your new baby gift basket. You will never run out of gift item ideas because every new parent will need a lot of things for the baby. These must-have baby goodies include baby garments, diapers, feeding bottles, baby quilts, diaper changing pads, bibs, baby mobiles, baby bath products, petroleum jelly, toys, and the list goes on.

After you have filled your basket or container with the essential baby items, it is time to wrap your new baby gift basket with a transparent plastic. You can top it with a ribbon or bow to make it look more interesting. Finally, include a card with a brief message for the parents and their newborn.

Celebrate with the parents, too!

For the new parents, help them celebrate a new milestone in their life by giving them an awesome hamper! Send them a gourmet food gift basket designed elegantly and make them happy. For sure, they will rave about the effort and thoughtfulness in giving your gift. To make your gourmet food gift basket a certified hit, fill it with different kinds of cookies, chocolates, and popcorns.


5 Most Popular New Baby Basket Types Perfect as Christmas Gifts

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Having a new baby in the family is an exciting yet overwhelming experience for most parents. If your relative or friend happens to be one of them, you can help them adjust to the new setup by giving them a Christmas hamper that’s filled with baby stuff they’ll need for their newborn. Here are the five most popular new baby hamper varieties you can choose from:

Personalized baby gift basket

Most of the best gifts in the world are the personalized ones, and baby hampers are no exception. To customize your baby gift basket according to the recipient, you can have the items embroidered or printed with the name of the baby. If the newborn has not been given a name yet, you can personalize the gifts with the baby’s date of birth or the names of his or her parents.

Baby bath gift basket

Because parents will never have enough stock of bath and grooming products for their new baby, it is a great idea to give them a new baby basket that contains all the bath essentials: soaps, shampoos, lotions, baby wipes, and many others. Place them all in a baby bath tub and wrap the container, and you’re all set.

Organic gift basket

These days, organic gift items for babies are becoming a popular gift option because of the benefits they offer. Organic baby products, which are made of natural ingredients or materials, are free from chemicals that may compromise the safety and health of young ones. Organic baby items include natural toys, foods, beddings, clothes, and bath products.

Baby gourmet gift basket

Pamper the mom of a newborn child by giving her a gift basket brimming with delightful gourmet goodies like cookies and chocolates. This ingenious gift basket is fitting for a celebration of a new life!

Baby girl/baby boy gift baskets

Gender-specific gift baskets for babies are always a hit. But of course, you have to be sure to pick the right new baby basket for the baby boy or baby girl, lest you’ll end up blushing in embarrassment because of a wrong gift choice.

3 Smart Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas Hamper Preparation

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Shopping for a Christmas hamper is a fun and exciting activity—more so if you love sorting out gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones. A gift basket consisting of various useful and items is a more practical idea than a single gift item.

However, shopping for it can be tedious and time-consuming as well. Listed below are the steps you may follow to reduce the stress and the amount of time you will spend for putting all things together for the Christmas hamper.

1. Plan your budget

The amount you are going to allot for a hamper must be reasonable enough, regardless of how much you can afford. Gift baskets can be either created on your own or bought from specialty stores. The better option for you depends on your needs.

If you don’t have much time to do it by yourself or you’re not confident about making one, then it would be better to just buy a ready-made Christmas gift basket. Christmas Hamper 2 U can give you the best of both worlds by offering a hamper that contains all the items you want to include, and we will deliver it to your home or office. It’s personalization and convenience in one!

2. Take a look at the gift items included in the basket or hamper

Remember, quality should come first before quantity when deciding the best Christmas hamper to give to the recipients. Just because a hamper contains more gift items than another one doesn’t mean it is the better choice. Check carefully the gift baskets to make sure that the contents are of the highest quality.

3. Consider the packaging

Yes, the items included in a Christmas basket are far more important than the packaging. Still, the packaging matters a lot. The kind of packaging your gift basket has will show how much effort and thought you have put into your gift. It has to look great inside and out.

Exciting Ideas for Gourmet Food Christmas Hampers

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You don’t have to be a gourmet specialist to please your taste buds with the delectable and exotic flavors of gourmet foods. Who could refuse to give in to the fine taste of gourmet goodies placed in a basket, waiting to be opened? No wonder gourmet food Christmas hampers make great gifts for people who love good food.

What’s in a gourmet gift basket?

Gourmet gift baskets are containers full of a variety of gourmet foods and drinks like coffee, cheese, chocolates, and wine. These gift baskets make for an exciting gift regardless of the occasion.

Different ways to spread holiday cheers

There are a lot of ways to use gourmet gift baskets. For example, sending gourmet food gift baskets to your clients is a way to build a good relationship with them, especially during the holidays.

Are you planning to hold a company Christmas party? Why not treat each of your employees to a nicely packaged gourmet gift basket during the event? To make sure that everyone gets the stuff they like, fill the gift baskets with a variety of gourmet goodies.

Celebrating your anniversary? Give your lover something he or she will never forget. What about giving a romantic gourmet food gift basket containing all of his or her favorite gourmet delights? Your gourmet gift basket can be filled with snacks or breakfast items such as apple pancake, ginger bread, crepes, and cappuccino. Enjoy your intimate times together while sinking your teeth into tasty gourmet treats from your gift basket.

Don’t have the time to meet and greet friends on their birthday? Send them gourmet food gift baskets designed elegantly and make them happy. For sure, they will rave about the effort and thoughtfulness in giving your gift. To make your gourmet food gift basket a certified hit, fill it with different kinds of cookies, chocolates, and popcorns.

Do you want to lift the spirits of a friend who’s recuperating from an illness? Brighten his day by giving him a healthy gift basket containing gourmet dried fruits, brown bread, cheese, and fruit juices. In that little way, you are able to help your friend to easily recover.

Gourmet food gift baskets are indeed a great gift idea especially for those who love exquisite food.

Christmas Hampers: Unique Presents for All Occasions

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Most of the popular and appreciated gifts in the world come in a basket. No holiday season is complete without people giving away hampers or gift baskets to loved ones, friends, colleagues, and business clients.

Christmas hamper choices

Every Christmas hamper comes as a package consisting of several food or non-food items neatly wrapped in cellophane or just topped with a nice ribbon. In fact, a lot of people would love to receive a bunch of smaller gifts than just one larger gift.

The choices are almost limitless when it comes to baskets filled with assorted gift items. They typically follow different themes. The most popular gift basket themes include snack baskets and fruit baskets. Baskets containing bath and grooming products such as soaps and lotions are in demand as well.

Not just for Christmas

Much too often, many occasions call for a celebration and of course, gift giving. You always find yourself racking up your brains just to come up with a perfect gift ideas. Fortunately, you can give away gift baskets that suit almost every occasion such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Yuletide parties, baby showers, housewarmings, and Valentine’s Day.

Even if there’s no occasion to celebrate, it still makes sense to give a gift basket when a situation or circumstance calls for it. If you know someone who’s recuperating from a disease, giving a get well gift basket is a thoughtful gesture. If you want to say “thank you” to your customers or clients, you can do so by sending out gift baskets. And if you want to congratulate someone for a job well done, you can fill a basket with stuff a person likes and then send it to him.

Opportunity for personalization

A gift basket can be personalized according to the interests of your recipient. For someone who loves chocolates, it’s a no-brainer: a chocolate gift basket brimming with all sorts of chocolates is nothing but delightful. For a baseball aficionado, a basket full of baseball shorts, caps, and accessories will surely be appreciated. For a new parent, a baby gift basket that contains baby products and essentials is a really thoughtful gift.

Pre-made hampers

There are three types of gift baskets: those that are ready to purchase, customized in-store, and made at home. Got no time to create your own gift basket? You may opt to buy a pre-made basket. But if you prefer a gift basket that you can customize yourself, you may order from an online shop that allows you to choose the items you want to include in the basket.

If you are on the hunt for a Christmas hamper company that can provide fast, reliable service, look no further than Christmas Hamper 2 U. We offer customization options plus convenience for anyone who wants to buy something special for their family and friends for the holiday season.

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