All About Gift Hampers

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All About Gift Hampers

Many of us give out gifts to people around us. Gifts are presents we give out without expecting anything in return. It can be to a co-worker, loved ones, colleagues in the religious circle or even colleagues at work and it’s usually in a form of a surprise. When we bundle these gift items in a basket or a basket-like material, it becomes a gift hamper.

They can be found in supermarkets, shopping malls, various gift stores or at online stores. The hampers can either be off-the-rack; giving you options to select your preferred ready-made basket or it can be open-ended whereby you have to make your own compilations.

Types And Uses
Baby gifts Hampers: These offer a sweet way of presenting gifts to the new-born. They can include diapers, barf cloths, shampoos, lotions, soaps, creams, pacifiers, rattles and much more.

• Student Basket: Used for students going to hostels. They usually include notebooks, lamps, special items for inspiration and snacks.

• Toy Hampers: They include items to stimulate children interest such as mobile toys, electronic toys and any other type of toys that would surely interest them.

• Maternity gifts: These are given to the women prior to or after labour. Items therein can be sweet smelling candles, lovely mugs and other apparels.

• Anniversaries and Events Basket: Used for events such as Engagements, Weddings, and Birthdays celebrations and may contain champagnes, wines, alcohols, beers and liquors or foods.

• Valentine/Lovers Basket: Lovers and couples use these hampers to surprise each other with lovely items of their choices.

They can also be used to transport and to offer storage for goods. They have versatile uses as they incorporate the different gifts items in one package. It is important to note that, their uses have no limit and they are defined by the occasion prompting the basket.

Here are some links to a variety of hamper gifts at different budget levels: