5 Most Popular New Baby Basket Types Perfect as Christmas Gifts

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Having a new baby in the family is an exciting yet overwhelming experience for most parents. If your relative or friend happens to be one of them, you can help them adjust to the new setup by giving them a Christmas hamper that’s filled with baby stuff they’ll need for their newborn. Here are the five most popular new baby hamper varieties you can choose from:

Personalized baby gift basket

Most of the best gifts in the world are the personalized ones, and baby hampers are no exception. To customize your baby gift basket according to the recipient, you can have the items embroidered or printed with the name of the baby. If the newborn has not been given a name yet, you can personalize the gifts with the baby’s date of birth or the names of his or her parents.

Baby bath gift basket

Because parents will never have enough stock of bath and grooming products for their new baby, it is a great idea to give them a new baby basket that contains all the bath essentials: soaps, shampoos, lotions, baby wipes, and many others. Place them all in a baby bath tub and wrap the container, and you’re all set.

Organic gift basket

These days, organic gift items for babies are becoming a popular gift option because of the benefits they offer. Organic baby products, which are made of natural ingredients or materials, are free from chemicals that may compromise the safety and health of young ones. Organic baby items include natural toys, foods, beddings, clothes, and bath products.

Baby gourmet gift basket

Pamper the mom of a newborn child by giving her a gift basket brimming with delightful gourmet goodies like cookies and chocolates. This ingenious gift basket is fitting for a celebration of a new life!

Baby girl/baby boy gift baskets

Gender-specific gift baskets for babies are always a hit. But of course, you have to be sure to pick the right new baby basket for the baby boy or baby girl, lest you’ll end up blushing in embarrassment because of a wrong gift choice.